Welcome to the new (sort of) Winterhawk's Virtual Magespace, home of my Shadowrun fan fiction! If you're a visitor from back in the "old days" things look a little different--that's because most of the stuff on the site is woefully out of date now and isn't likely to be updated. But I wanted to showcase some of the fiction—specifically the finished novels—in an easier to find and spiffy-looking PDF format. So you'll find that here. At the bottom of the page are links to the original site and the original fiction pages, so nothing's been lost. Just moved around a bit. Enjoy! All the novels on this page are in PDF form, ready for your online or ebook reading pleasure!

NOTE TO NEW READERS (Especially any who might arrive here after reading "Borrowed Time"): When I wrote these fan novels many years ago, Winterhawk hadn't yet become an "official" Shadowrun JackPointer. His real name in my fan novels never appeared in any of the official Shadowrun publications, and thus I have reclaimed it (with the blessing of the Shadowrun line developer) to use in my own personal non-Shadowrun fiction. So the Winterhawk you see in these stories is a version of the one in the official Canon, but not the same guy. Just wanted to clear that up in case anybody's confused.

There's a new player on the Seattle scene. Young, connected, talented—and a complete man of mystery. Where did he come from, and what's he after? Winterhawk, Ocelot, and the rest of the team had better find out soon if they don't want to become collateral damage in a long-running feud between two powerful adversaries.
Part One

Gabriel's oldest friend and mentor is murdered, and he is forced to ally himself with his greatest enemy to find the truth—a truth that has its roots far back in his past. But when he and the team do find out the truth, they soon end up wishing they hadn't—for in order to prevail, all of them will have to face their own inner demons...
Part Two

It's been six months since the team aided Gabriel and Kestrel in preventing an ancient evil from making an appearance in the Sixth World. They all thought it was over. But then, Gabriel starts having vivid nightmares, and the others aren't far behind. Someone is calling desperately for help—someone who isn't quite dead. As the team is plunged slowly into insanity, Gabriel is forced to make a decision that might end up costing him far more than his life...
Part Three

Kestrel, Ocelot, and Gabriel struggle to deal with a shocking discovery that will have far-reaching implications for all three of them. Meanwhile, Alastair Stone's University-sponsored study trip abruptly becomes a desperate fight for survival when their plane crashes in Amazonia, where the peril is compounded by the discovery of a dark secret deep within the jungle— a secret that some very dangerous people will kill to keep.
Part Four

Ever since he was a small child growing up in the Connecticut 'burbs, seventeen-year-old Sean Hunter has known there was something different about him. After a tragic event turns his comfortable life upside down, he uncovers a terrible secret and sets off to find out the truth about his life. What he doesn't know is that the knowledge could mean his death, and sometimes stirring up the past can get you far more than you bargained for...
Part Five

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